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Water Features

We specialize in ponds of all sizes

outdoor oasis pond 1 outdoor oasis pond 2 outdoor oasis water feature 3 outdoor oasis pond 4 outdoor oasis water feature 5 outdoor oasis water feature 6

Pathways and Patios

There are many ways to add pathways here are just a few

Outdoor Oasis patio 1 Outdoor Oasis patio 2 Outdoor Oasis patio 3 Outdoor Oasis patio 4


Retaining and stone walls

Outdoor Oasis wall 1 Outdoor Oasis wall 2 Outdoor Oasis wall 3 Outdoor Oasis wall 4 Outdoor Oasis wall 5


Customized, safe and cozy

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At Outdoor Oasis,

we strive to provide home and business owners with beautiful landscapes with year-round appeal that can be appreciated for years to come. We provide all phases of landscape construction from finish grading to drainage issues to hardscapes including water features, paver patios and retaining walls.